Detailed Benefit Breakdowns
without tying up your phone lines

Free up your phone lines and team to respond to prospective new patients. Free up your team to do what they alone can do in building the practice. Let Dental Office Support take the burden out of the workload of your revenue cycle management.

Revenue Cycle Management

Nothing happens until a sale is made. From attracting the patients you want to clarifying their financial responsibility and collecting on the services they receive, Dental Office Support provides the support you need.

Insurance Verifications

Insurance Verifications

Detailed benefit breakdowns and comprehensive history for new patients and patients with changes of insurance, in a little as 4 hours.


For solo dentists, multiple providers or large-scale DSOs – prompt service and attention to detail for your PPO and DHMO applications.
Billing & Collections

Billing & Collections

Daily billing and collection service to collect what you deserve from payors and patients with custom reporting to keep you on top of your business.


We grow, so you can grow. As of this month...

We clock in everyday to make sure you have the support you need in order to focus on the patients in front of you. We reduce stress, improve production, maximize collections and generate more referrals.

Patient Plans Verified
Appointments Verifiied
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What our clients say

Dental Office Support's insurance verification has been simply amazing. Their communication along with guided steps concerning insurance have improved the work flow in ourpractice. Steve's team is easily accessible and always available to meet our needs. I would recommend their services to any dental practice.
Shelly Middleton Photo
Shelly Middleton.
Practice Administrator – Statesboro, GA General & Pediatric Dentistry
By outsourcing our insurance verification tasks to Dental Office Support, it has allowed my front office team the time to focus more on vital in-office administrative tasks. They have been a great resource to assist us in providing accurate insurance estimates to our patients, which makes the entire treatment planning process go much smoother. I highly recommend their services!
Dr. Stephen Boh Photo
Stephen Boh, DMD
Nashville, TN
We have been using Dental Office Support’s insurance verifications for over a year and it has been a great experience. We would spend hours looking up eligibility and benefits. Now, we just upload the patients’ information and, in a couple days, we receive a breakdown of patients’ benefits and history. At a busy office, we don’t have time to spend hours calling insurance companies. This service has allowed us to free up time in our day to focus on other things in the office. We would highly recommend to any dental office!
Kristen McKee Photo
Kristen McKee.
Office Manager - Augusta, GA General & Cosmetic Dentistry
We count on your team every day . We can’t always get the history, coverage or benefit information we need from online. And in a busy office, staying on hold just doesn’t work. Thank you for being a great remote partner who gets the job done and gets it right!
Kim Berry Photo
Kim Berry.
Insurance Coordinator - Statesboro, GA General & Cosmetic Dentistry
To have a service that will get all history, eligibility and benefits at this price is a ‘no-brainer’ for me! This saves from having to hire a new employee, not to mention health insurance, vacation days and sick days too. It eliminates the need for additional phone lines and space for another team member.
Dental Support testimonial image
Ron Bryant
DDS (retired) North Augusta, SC

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Cut expenses

Everything connected to insurance management presents a challenge for keeping your business expenses under control. Dental Office Support improves your profitability.
Revenue Cycle Management graph


Accurate Verifications

Present accurate estimates to patients for what their plan will and will not cover and what their financial responsibility will be.


Clean Claims

Submit clean claims to eliminate unnecessary time following up with insurance and resubmitting for resolution.


Maximized Collections

Recorded calls with insurance agents help get you the reimbursement you deserve. Delinquent accounts are dealt with firmly and courteously to decrease write-offs and retain patients.

Increase Revenue

Boost new patient production

Position your practice to get a “yes” when patients are more motivated than they will ever be again – the new patient appointment. No more need to check with insurance and call patients later.

Improve collections

The only two reasons your practice has uncollected accounts are: 1) you did not collect an appropriate amount at check-out, and/or 2) you expect insurance to pay something it will not. The only way to remove those challenges is with detailed, accurate insurance verifications.

Enhance referrals from happy patients

When patients have a great experience with the team and the finances, they will refer their family and friends. If either of those go south, they will not. Deliver 5-star customer service to ramp up new patient referrals.

Dental Office Support

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